This precipitate drop in temperature does not entirely suit my character. I’m a lone wolf–or lone tiger, as it were–and cold weather really crushes any intrinsic motivation to maintain a healthy distance from the human beings I’ve allowed to spend their lives with me. Most months out of the year, I let them go about their days–leaving the house for eight or nine hours at a time; spending the evening glued behind that glowing box that seems to transmit signals (unintelligible, to me) from the humans’ leaders; bringing in small human beings who, while cute, cry a lot and want to pet me. However, I am getting too old to muddle through the cold weather, clinging to the hope that my fur will keep me warm, and I’m too smart to ignore the real usefulness of these human beings: they provide an excellent source of heat. And so, especially tonight, with the season’s first snow on the horizon, I have summoned my human being and requested that she share some of that body heat with her master.

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