Carrots, she thought. There are carrots at home.

She steered the shopping cart out of the produce section and maneuvered into the baking products aisle, where she selected organic vegan sugar, two or three gluten-free flour alternatives, and a cylinder of sea salt. Carob chips were on sale and she picked up and bag and considered it for a moment before settling it back down on the shelf. I still have half a bag at home and I shouldn’t be baking anyway. Whole grains…

It was not unlike her for her mind to wander. She followed her thought process into the next aisle and loaded up a couple of bags with oatmeal and wheat germ and organic long grain brown rice from the bulk bins. She labeled each twist tie with the bin numbers and set the bulging sacks on top of the locally grown gala apples she’d gathered at the back of her cart. Almost automatically her body directed her cart into the coffee and tea aisle next–bypassing the meat freezer–and she perused the shelves until she found the tea blends that included the necessary herbs. She added several boxes to her cart and navigated toward the cash registers at the front of the store. She got in line behind a woman toting a handful of wriggly children; a man trying to buy just a tub of pre-made brownies and a jar of organic pickles; and a scruffy college student who was clearly making an extra splurge for this afternoon’s shopping trip–no ordinary Babbitts, this lot, no slaves to average consumerism.

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