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Every day I get one email from several different social media web sites, non-profit organizations, institutions of higher education, coupon gurus, comic strip artists, and word reference authorities. Every morning I know that when I log into my email for the first time I will spend a few moments considering each one of these daily missives: most I will delete without another thought, some I will roll over in my mind twice, a few I will open and relish.

Every day I get an email transmitting a word from some Word Guru, and this word goes with me on my way through the the day as it, and my imagination, unfolds. Some days, the Word of the Day grates at me with its newness, its mystery. Some days, the Word of the Day grabs me, reminds me of a person I love, an animal I adore, a memory I cherish, a place I call home. Some days, I will simply delete those emails from the Word Guru, but some days, I will I write a brief blog post incorporating the Word of the Day, and publish it here.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. What?! No French words?


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